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Applied Kinesiology

“A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch and Massage”
Dr. John Thie D.C.
 ”TFH is a system in which no matter what the symptoms, we
balance the body energies, and strengthen all of the weak or
“shut off” muscles we find; this brings the posture into

“Touch for Health does not heal, or cure anything. In fact, no
“healer” ever heals, it is the body itself which performs the
healing process. Each cell contains the blueprint for
constructing an entire body; in fact all of the cells in our bodies
are replaced every seven years (except the central nervous
system). Nothing is beyond the power of the body’s own
healing process. Our understanding is not great enough to
know why or precisely how this process works, so what we do
is balance the energy flow and the posture, putting the body in
the best possible state from which to heal itself.”

An excerpt from
Touch For Health Kinesiology Association

Touch for Health™ Kinesiology balances the body and specifically the
energy systems, through muscle testing/monitoring to improve
posture and stimulate the body’s own healing ability.
Touch for Health™ Kinesiology is experienced fully clothed, sitting,
standing, or lying down. Muscle testing/monitoring is a cooperative
venture and requires active participation.

TFH provides many positive effects, such as:

  • Accelerate recovery from illness and injuries
  • Reduce or eliminate many different kinds of pain: headaches,
  • backaches, stomach aches, etc
  • Prevent future health problems
  • Increase energy and counteract fatigue
  • Show you immediately which foods are undermining your energy

Example: I used TFH with a seven year old child with autism, using a
surrogate. I used TFH to balance the parent’s energy, then I could
have contact between parent and child, and test the parent, and see
results from the child. We had good results, the child was calmer and
slept longer throughout the night. The parent stated they saw
behavioral and some attention improvements with the sessions.

One great effect was a reduction in allergic reactions for the child. Muscle
testing can determine if a substance like food, or laundry detergent or
supplements, is either:

  • biogenic (good for the body, or at least not negative results) or
  • biocidic (which means it has an allergic effect on the body systems,
    can imbalance energy systems.

The child had between 12 to 15 days of no allergy medicine, no
coughing and sneezing. The parent reported observing positive
differences with the child, lasting weeks at a time. The parent stated
many positive results, but the child’s increased sleeping through the
night was one of the best things, because it improved the parental
sleep, due to not worrying about the child getting up during the night,
and accidentally causing self injury or damage.

TFH is a combination of Eastern and Western medical practices.
Eastern thought is “do not address a symptom, address the
problem which is allowing the symptoms to occur.”

Example: Jane Anybody starts having headaches. After a few weeks,
she goes to the doctor, who will not give pain pills, due to some people
abusing them. She gets no relief, the headaches last longer, her sleep
quality is reduced due to not sleeping restfully, and waking with
headaches. Plus, her neck is stiff a lot, she cannot turn her head, and
she is finding herself grouchy and snapping at people. She has trouble
concentrating because of pain, tried over the counter pain meds and
sleep aids, some relief, not lasting.

In this example, her problem is not headaches; nor is the problem all
the resulting symptoms and loss of sleep, due to headache
Her problem is the cause of the headaches.

She could have a medical problem, which should be ruled out by her physician. If tight muscular tissue and trigger points, or myofascial constriction is the problem, the physician could prescribe Medical Massage, (speak with your Doctor). Her problem could also be a spinal subluxation (sometimes subluxation requres orthopedic manipulation, or Chiropractic adjustment for postural balance). Also, she may need an eye exam. In conjunction with other treatments, with Medical Massage, or stand alone, TFH will aid your condition because it improves the function of all the body systems. When other causations are ruled out, without a specific answer, TFH and CranioSacral Therapy (CST) usually can help, because of the total body positive effects.

For further information contact Mark or TFHKA.ORG website